ESP2242 - Teacher Educator as an Educational Technologist - Dept. of Secondary & Tertiary Education, Faculty of Education, The Open University of Sri Lanka

The Teacher Educator as a Researcher (ESP2245) is a 06 credit course in the Master of Arts in Teacher Education (International) programme.During the course of study, you will be developing competencies in various research activities such as identifying research problems, selecting appropriate research designs and approaches, collecting, analyzing and interpreting data, and reporting research findings.

This is a supplemental online learning environment for the 18-credit course ESP2646, "Learning Portfolio" in the MA in Teacher Education (International) Programme (Level 7).

The goal of the learning portfolio is to encourage you to critically reflect on the intended learning outcomes of the courses in the MATE-I programme.
This course of study will enable you to gain an understanding about the concept of OER and their significance in the teaching-learning process, identify sources of OER available for Science education, use OER in your teaching-learning process as a Science teacher, and create and share OER with your colleagues.