This is a 3 credit course offered at level 3 for the B.Sc. Degree Programme which will introduce you the basic concepts in electromagnetism. This course will put the foundation on you to follow related courses in Physics at level 4 and 5.

This is a 3 credit course offered at level IV in 2nd semester for the B.Sc degree programme.There are two No Book Tests and one final exam.This course will discuss about special relativity and quantum physics.
PYU2165, "Mathematical methods for physics" is designed to provide you with the necessary mathematical foundation for the physics courses in level 3, 4 and 5. This is 3 credit course. You would have 2 CAT exams and a final exam.

Contact person: G.D. Illeperuma, Department of physics (CRC)
This is a 6 credit course offered at level IV in 2nd semester for the B.Sc degree programme.This is a course with compulsory practical component and two (02) NBT's.
Atmospheric Physics, PYU3162 is a 3 credit course and intended for level 5 undergraduate students in the B.Sc. program. This course provides an introduction to the physics of the atmosphere. It assumes an appropriate background in physics and mathematics at this level but does not require prior knowledge of atmospheric science.
This is a three credit, level five course of the B. Sc degree programme offered by the Department of Physics, of the Open University of Sri Lanka.
PYU3165 Bio-Physics course is a Three credit, level five course in the BSc degree programme. This course is specially designed to introduce the basicprinciples of Biophysics.

The course ‘Fundamentals of Geophysics-PYU3168’ is a 3 credit course offered by Department of physics as level 5 optional course. The course offers to students who have eligibility or concurrent registration of PYU3266 (Essentials of Geology). This course was designed to link the physics and geology since the course contents are mainly included to teach how the principles in physics applied in the field of geology.

The course ‘Essentials of Geology-PYU3266’ is offered by the Department of physics as a level 5 optional course. This course attracts not only physical science students but also students with a biological background who possess self-thinking abilities.